Antiterrorism Awareness

Florida National Guard Family,

This August marks the fifth annual observance of the Department of the Army Antiterrorism Awareness Month. Antiterrorism awareness is a critical aspect of our profession, both on- and off-duty, because the threat of a terrorist attack is real and ever-present. The safety of our Florida National Guard family is my greatest priority. Accordingly, I am directing MACOMs and Directorates to actively promote training and sponsor events that emphasize awareness and protection of our Florida National Guardsmen.

Recent national and international headlines remind us of threats from individuals seeking to harm Americans at various public venues. These have included restaurants, offices, theaters, shopping malls, and many other heavily populated areas, including military installations. As recently as July 9, 2014, a Sergeant First Class with 20 years of service was shot while at work in an Army National Guard Armory. The gunman was neither employed at the armory nor a Guardsman.

Together, we will safeguard our installations, facilities and, most importantly, our people who continue to answer the call of our State and Nation.

Emmett R. Titshaw, Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida