Do your social media posts reflect our core values?

Guard Members, Family, and Friends,

Social media is a growing part of our everyday life.   In fact, many of you may be reading this post on a social media platform as this has become an important avenue for me to communicate with you.  As you engage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc., it is important for you to remember that, as a member of the Florida National Guard, and especially when you are in uniform, you represent our organization and are always on the record.  Because of this, you must be diligent in reflecting our core values.  As you join the online conversation, here are a few things to remember when communicating online via social media as Guardsmen:

1. You are personally responsible for what you say and post on social networking services and any other medium.

2. Consider how a “post” can be interpreted by the public. Be cautious about crossing the line between funny and distasteful. If you have doubts about whether you should “post” something, err on the side of caution. If the “post” in question concerns the Florida National Guard, Army or Air Force, discuss the proposed “post” with your supervisor or your local public affairs office.

3. Maintain appropriate communication and conduct with officer and enlisted personnel, peers, superiors and subordinates (to include civilian superiors and subordinates).

4. Ensure the protection of information that would otherwise violate principles of operational security.

The Army has published a great presentation on their Slideshare site regarding social media conduct.  Please take a moment to review the link below.

Telling our story is vital, and social media has become an essential channel to do so.  Following the tips above will ensure that you don’t become the story!

We who serve our state and nation represent all who have served before us.  Would we make them proud of what we are “posting?”


Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida