Government Shutdown Preparations

Florida Guard Team,

As you probably have heard or seen in the news, it’s appearing unlikely that Congress will pass a defense budget before 1 October 2013. In the past week, there have also been indications that Congress may not pass a Continuing Resolution (CR), which is a temporary measure to fund the government until a budget is passed. The President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued initial guidance last week for all departments and agencies to begin planning for a “lapse of appropriations.” We received additional guidance from the Department of Defense (DOD) last evening, and are awaiting more guidance from the National Guard Bureau.

Our staff is examining OMB guidance to evaluate the impact to our force and potential mitigation strategies. Historically, and until the recent sequestration furlough, federal employees have been retroactively paid for lost work days due to furlough associated with government shutdowns. This year, with the possibility of continued sequestration, we are uncertain about reimbursement and retroactive pay until we receive official guidance. Additionally, we are researching the impact to our federally reimbursed cooperative agreement employees as most of the funding for these positions are paid by the federal government.

I know that timely information is important, and I will do my best to ensure you have the most current information. We have posted the OMB and DOD documents at , and will continue to update this information.

Thank you for your service.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida