Guest TAGLine: BG Branyon

The Florida Air National Guard is NOT #1 in my life. My family is #1. I have tried my best to ensure I have lived that statement, and I have tried my best to prove to my family that it is true. There are definitely times when the FANG may be a “temporary priority,” but it is just that: “temporary.”

It is also important to me to have balance in my life and have fun! I love water skiing; I love fishing; and I love my family!

By having my priorities straight and by spending the right amount of time balancing my life, I can show up to the FANG and give 100% every day. I can lead and execute with passion and enthusiasm.

I challenge you to find that balance so that you will lead and execute with passion and enthusiasm…and to remember your “why” and recognize when it changes. We need you to hang with the FANG one more year and one more enlistment.

Finally, I know that it is important to say “thank you” as often as possible. Which is why I want to end my last “Why Wednesday”, as the FANG Commander, by saying “thank you” to each of you and to your families for serving the FANG, Florida and America!

God Bless!
Brig. Gen. Robert Branyon