Guidance on Finalizing Personnel Pay

Florida Guard Team,

I want to thank you for your steadfast commitment to our organization, state and nation over the past year of extraordinary financial turbulence.  After this long period of uncertainty, we have received and implemented guidance on finalizing personnel pay at the end of the most recent federal government shutdown.

While our full-time work force has returned to work, and most can anticipate retroactive pay for furlough days, there are still many federally-funded cooperative agreement contract employees who will not be retroactively paid for their lost wages….and a few employees who were just authorized this week to return to work.

By this time, each of you who was subject to furlough should know whether or not you will receive retroactive pay.  These are the guidelines we have received:

– Federal technicians should receive retroactive pay.

– Federally-funded non-contract cooperative agreement state employees should receive retroactive pay.

– Contract federally-funded cooperative agreement employees will not receive retroactive pay.

For those who will receive retroactive pay for furlough, most should see this pay in the next pay check.  The Air National Guard was unable to post retroactive payment for paychecks that were disbursed this week; however, payments should be in the following paycheck.

While we are grateful to bring our team back to work, we need to be mindful that many of our members are struggling with financial hardship due to lost or delayed wages.  Impacted federal employees were provided a memo last week from our Human Resources Office to assist them with creditors.  Key Staff contractors who are reimbursed through the federal cooperative agreement should contact Key Staff administration if they have similar needs.  I urge supervisors to ensure dissemination of this message so that our employees are aware of the information and resources available through our media.  These include:  FLNG Website (, Twitter ( and Facebook ( and our HRO Resources (


Thank you, again, for your service.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida