Message from Governor Rick Scott to State Employees

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This week we unveiled our “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget,” which gives money back to families, reduces state debt and eliminates government waste.

This budget will:

• Cut $500 million in taxes and fees for Florida families.

• Pay down $170 million in state debt.

• Cut wasteful government spending by more than $280 million.

The “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget” also supports more cancer research, helps protect the Everglades, restores our springs, hires more child protective investigators to better protect Florida children, and makes strategic investments to grow jobs and opportunities for Florida families for generations to come. We look forward to working with the Legislature to give more money back to Florida families, because it’s your money.

Florida state employees are working hard for Florida families.

I would like to congratulate Christine Frankford, Water Program Manager for the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County, for being selected as the Volunteer of the Year by the Florida Safe Kids Suncoast Coalition. Christine was recognized for her efforts to promote water safety to the families of Pinellas County.

I would also like to thank Tony Burkart of Enterprise Florida for his work with North American Surveillance Systems USA Inc. (NASS), a veteran owned small business that recently announced their plans to expand in Brevard County. Thanks in part to Tony’s hard work, NASS will bring 20 new job opportunities to Florida families.

Thank you for all your great work for Florida families and have a great weekend.