Return to work guidance for FLNG technicians

Florida National Guard Team,

Secretary of Defense Hagel provided guidance late yesterday to bring back to work most of the technician force effective Monday, 7 October 2013.  Unfortunately, there are certain guidelines that do not allow all technicians to return to work.  The FLNG staff is working diligently to clarify status on all positions so that we can return as much of our work force as possible. 

Based upon current information, the guidelines below are immediately in effect for the full-time force of the FLNG.  Additionally, supervisors should execute previously published recall procedures in accordance with the guidelines below.  Supervisors with questions regarding status of personnel should contact COL Gonzales-Kerr (HRO), COL Cardenas (USPFO) or COL Duren (SQM).

Effective tomorrow, Monday, 7 October 2013, federal military and civilian technician personnel assigned to the areas/functions below should report to work during normal duty hours.  Those personnel from the areas/functions below who are unable to report to work will be charged compensatory time or annual leave beginning tomorrow.  Return to work:

J5 (except SPP, as noted below)
J8 (except Auditors and Certain RM Functions; refer any questions to COL Cardenas) CFMO CBJTC DES HRO SAO OTSS JAG
State PAO
RTI (except ADOS personnel)
Air Guard (except as noted below)

Personnel who work in the areas/functions below are not authorized to return to work until further notification:

Public Affairs
Federal Cooperative Agreement Employees (except those previously excepted; refer any questions to COL Duren)

For now, this is good news for most of our full-time force.  I am aware that this does not take care of all of members and families; however, we will continue to seek interpretation with a focus on returning our entire force to work, to include federal cooperative agreement employees and those scheduled for AT and IDT.  In the meantime, please continue to monitor the FLNG website  (, Twitter (, and Facebook (  Additionally, the National Guard Bureau is updating information at the following site:

We continue to do everything possible to take care of our force, and will keep you updated on the latest information.  Thank you for service.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida