Sequestration and Continuing Resolution Update – April 05, 2013

Florida Guard Team,

While there have been no major changes from my message last week, I wanted to provide information on a couple of items we are continuing to track.

First, as you may have heard, federal tuition assistance is being reinstated.  Additionally, our Florida Legislature is finalizing the budget for next year, and initial indications are that we may receive an increase in our Education Dollars for Duty (EDD) program. These are both good news stories, and evidence that our voices are being heard.  If approved, I encourage you to take full advantage of these programs – they are benefits that you have well earned.

Second, several sources indicate that the President will release his budget request within the next week.  We will be closely monitoring this action, and subsequent proposals by the Services. Unless legislation changes, Sequestration will impact next year’s budget, plus the next eight, as this is a 10-year process.  I am hopeful that ongoing discussions will reverse or dramatically reduce the effects this legislation has had on our force.

Third, many of you received an email message yesterday regarding a petition on the White House website to exempt federal military technicians from furlough.  It is your right, as citizens of our great nation, to participate in this process.  If you choose to sign the petition, however, I ask that you do this from your personal computers – not from the workplace, and not during official work time.

Finally, we will keep you updated with current and accurate information, and focus on our priorities of preserving our readiness and taking care of our Florida Guard Family.  Please continue to monitor our media resources:  (, Twitter ( and Facebook (

As always, thank you for your service.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida


Florida National Guard Public Affairs Office – Phone: (904) 823-0166