Sequestration and Continuing Resolution Update – March 01, 2013

What we know:

Sequestration is a reality, effective today, March 1, 2013.  We must work to mitigate its effects and sustain our hard-earned readiness secured over the last decade.  We have deployed nearly 17,000 Soldiers and Airmen of the FLNG since September 11, 2001, supporting overseas contingencies and securing our skies in support of Operation Noble Eagle.  We will continue to accomplish our mission.

What we are doing:

We are preparing to absorb defined cuts that will affect our people and our operations.  The potential furlough of civilian and military technicians (including temporary technicians) will not be implemented immediately.  If Sequestration continues into next month, I anticipate a furlough will not be applied until the latter part of April. We are continuing to examine any potential impacts to other employees, to include those state employees funded through federal cooperative agreements and those in support of our non-personnel service contracts.

What we ask of you:

Take time to review the OPM website on “Guidance for Administrative Furloughs.”  It provides essential information on how furlough will impact you and your benefits.

Begin to review your personal finances and conduct financial planning so that you will be prepared if sequestration is not rescinded.  We understand furloughs may result in unexpected financial difficulty for many of our personnel and their families. Employees should start planning immediately for reduced paychecks beginning in late April. I encourage you to take advantage of several federal, state and FLNG resources to help you plan and cope with potential changes associated with Sequestration. These resources can be found at

Communicating your concerns to your elected officials is your right as a citizen. Military professional organizations are key in bringing attention to the special needs and concerns of military personnel before a Congress that increasingly is composed of elected officials who while patriotic, have no history of military service. You may locate your congressional representatives at, and if desired, get additional information on effectively communicating issues of concern by visiting the websites of various military professional organizations, such as The American Legion (, AUSA (, AFA (, NGAUS (, ROA (, and VFW (, among many other worthy organizations. Government communication systems such as internet/email may not be used for this purpose.

The uncertainty of the current budget environment remains the Florida National Guard’s greatest challenge.  My staff and I are committed to mitigating the impacts of sequestration in order to protect mission readiness and our Florida National Guard family to the greatest extent possible. I will continue to maintain an open line of communication as events progress.  Be sure to keep in touch with all our media platforms to keep up with the very latest information, to include our website at, along with Twitter(@flguard) and Facebook( /floridanationalguard).

We will continue to serve our state and nation.  We will continue to serve our Florida National Guard Family.

Mission First…People Always.

Thank you for your service.


Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida


Florida National Guard Public Affairs Office – Phone: (904) 823-0166