Sequestration and Continuing Resolution Update – March 21, 2013

Florida Guard Team:

The Department of Defense has decided to delay the issuance of civilian employee furlough notices for approximately two weeks.

This delay will allow for careful analysis of the impact of pending Continuing Resolution legislation on DoD resources, and its impact on our military technician and civilian force.  There are no final decisions on whether or not the total number of planned furlough days for FY 2013 will change as a result of this delay.

It appears that the final language in the DoD Appropriations Bill may provide flexibility for us to execute our budgets in a manner that best supports our priorities of preserving our readiness and taking care of the Florida National Guard Family.  Stay tuned – we will keep you updated on all our media channels.

As I always, I thank you for your dedicated service.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida


Florida National Guard Public Affairs Office – Phone: (904) 823-0166