Always Ready, Always There

Team Florida –

I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am to work for you!

A little over two weeks ago, at the direction of our Governor, you prepared to leave families, homes and jobs to answer the call to save and safeguard our citizens and their property in the path of Hurricane Irma. You were part of the largest activation in our state’s history, and you responded with the focus, commitment, compassion and professionalism that have always defined our team.

The eyes of the nation and world were upon you as you accomplished every mission – and I have been flooded with individual stories of your actions that demonstrated extraordinary competence, courage and genuine concern for our citizens.

Governor Scott has continuously lauded your performance, and he personally called again yesterday to make sure each of you knows how much he values your dedication and service.

We have been praised by the Office of the Secretary of Defense for our response, and cited by US Northern Command as the “Gold Standard.” But more importantly, we have re-affirmed our bond with our citizens….and there is no doubt in the mind of every Floridian that the Florida National Guard is ALWAYS READY and ALWAYS THERE.

I humbly thank each of you for your service.


Major General
Florida National Guard
The Adjutant General