Army Birthday – 2019

Team Florida –

On this date in 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the establishment of the Continental Army – 10 companies of riflemen.  Two years later to the day, the Second Continental Congress adopted the US Flag.

Some things have changed over the past 244 years — our flag no longer boasts 13 stars, but 50, and that fledgling Army is now the envy of the world.  But there’s a lot that hasn’t changed.  The Army’s commitment to serving the citizens of this great nation has remained steadfast throughout the centuries, as has the Florida Army National Guard’s.

We’ve been proud to provide individuals the ability to preserve the integrity of their values while being part of the greatest military organization on the planet.

Our training, techniques and procedures have been continually battle tested and improved upon.  Similarly, our annual hurricane exercises have ensured that we provide the gold standard in disaster response for our citizens.

Finally, we’re dedicated to maintaining a relevant combat effectiveness that integrates new technologies such as cyber and unmanned aerial vehicles.

So happy 244th birthday, Army!  Age is just a number, and you’re still in your fighting prime.  Here’s to many more!

Florida First!


Major General
Florida National Guard
The Adjutant General