Celebrate Independence; continue to overcome our challenges

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our Nation. We should all pause and think of the many citizens who have sacrificed to sustain the freedom that our forefathers declared 237 years ago. Each generation of Americans has preserved and echoed that freedom around the globe. Our current generation is no different. Our Florida Guard men and women, part of the greatest military force the world has known, have carried their share of the burden to sustain our nation. This month we will deploy our 100th unit in support of overseas operations since 9/11. The generations before us, that constitute our proud heritage, would be proud of how we are continuing the mantra they passed to us. We need to sustain this momentum, and our proud heritage, into the future.

Unfortunately, as the pace of overseas deployments decline, we are feeling the effects of federal budget tightening. Decreased overseas operations, numerous continuing resolutions and sequestration are adversely impacting our readiness to complete our mission, and our ability to support our service members and their families. On Tuesday, I started a series of Town Hall meetings with our federal technicians to discuss sequestration and the resulting furlough. I owe it to you to listen to, and answer, your concerns. While I can’t satisfy everyone’s concerns, I promise to continue to do everything in my power to mitigate the furlough and its impact on our readiness and our families. We will continue to keep you updated with the most current and accurate information on all of our media channels: http://www.floridaguard.army.mil, Twitter www.twitter.com/FLGuard and Facebook www.facebook.com/FloridaNationalGuard, and through the resources listed below.

While we face numerous challenges, I ask you to reflect this week upon the greatness of our nation…the sacrifices of so many, so that our children and grandchildren may enjoy freedom and liberty. We will overcome the challenges, and remain the strong force upon which our communities and nation rely. More than ever, I thank you for service and perseverance to safeguard our citizens and our nation. May God Bless you and your families and United States of America.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida
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Also, Military Professional organizations have expressed alarm about the adverse effects of sequestration on military readiness, and this information is available for further review at their respective websites: