Chief of the National Guard Bureau comments on returning National Guard Soldiers and Airmen

The Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Air Force Gen. Craig R. McKinley, extends his deepest appreciation to each National Guard Soldier and Airman– and their families – for the sacrifices they continue to make, along with his sincerest wishes that their eventual reunion is a joyous one befitting of this holiday season. 

The National Guard realizes being back on U.S. soil at a mobilization center is not the same thing as being home for the holidays for our National Guard Soldiers.  With the continuing drawdown in Iraq and normal unit rotations from Afghanistan, thousands of National Guard and Reserve Soldiers and Airmen are expected to out-process through six demobilization sites between mid-December and early January.  

National Guard and Reserve Soldiers in many cases will have returned from overseas deployment, but must still complete the demobilization process before they are released from active duty. 

National Guard Soldiers returning from overseas deployments are under control of the active duty military forces until they are released from active duty.  Completing the full demobilization process ensures our service members are fully evaluated for the medical care they are entitled to, as well as financial and personnel actions that ensure they receive all benefits to which they and their families are entitled and a grateful nation wants to provide. 

Soldiers will be demobilizing only as long as absolutely necessary and not a minute longer.  The centers are committed to a speedy, respectful process that focuses on rapidly resolving any issues. 

From the Florida National Guard and Florida Dept. of Military Affairs, welcome home service members.  Job well done!