Congress Passes a Continuing Resolution

Florida Guard Team:

You should all know by now that Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) to re-open the government late yesterday, and the act was signed into law this morning by the President.  This is a welcome relief for all, as I know the uncertainty has caused challenges for our team and our families.  I’ll highlight some key points regarding the CR below, but I ask your continued patience as we seek guidance on a few open issues. 

This is what we know right now:

  The CR is a temporary means to fund the government, and runs through 15 January 2014

  The CR is funded at FY13 sequestration levels, and requires that we manage our budget IAW (in accordance with) sequestration restrictions (e.g., travel, purchases, etc.) 

  All FLNG employees were authorized to return to work today (17 October)

  All federal technicians who were furloughed should expect retroactive pay for furlough days

  We expect federal technicians and non-contract federal cooperative agreement state employees to be paid on time

  We are able to bring our 34 new federal hires to work beginning Monday (21 Oct)

We are seeking information on a number of items, to include:

  Whether or not federal cooperative agreement employees will receive retroactive pay

  Whether or not federal cooperative agreement contract employees will receive retroactive pay

The FLNG staff is closely coordinating with NGB and the State to seek options that achieve the best possible outcome for our employees.  Any changes in your status will be communicated to you as soon as possible.  Please continue to monitor our media resources: FLNG Website (, Twitter ( and Facebook ( and our HRO Resources ( 

Thank you for your continued service to our nation and state.

Emmett R. Titshaw, Jr.

Major General

The Adjutant General of Florida