Domestic Violence Awareness

Florida Guard Family:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

For the past several months, domestic violence has headlined national news, and has rightfully created outrage over the brutality of this type of abuse.

During the same period of time, July-September 2014, 10 incidents of domestic abuse were reported in the Florida National Guard. Domestic violence is not a private, family matter. It is an act of violence that crosses all sectors of our communities. Every day in the United States, three women lose their lives to domestic abuse.

I ask you to join me in eradicating this behavior from our ranks and making the Florida Guard Family one of safety and well-being. Safety of the victim, whether Guard or a Family Member, is our highest concern. If you suspect domestic abuse, I urge you to contact your unit chaplain, the Family Assistance Center, or the FLNG Victim Advocate office so we can offer resources to protect the victim from further harm. Local law enforcement agencies are also available to assist.

We have partnered with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence to provide victim advocacy, emergency sheltering, counseling and other services at the 42 domestic abuse shelters across the state. These shelters serve every part of the state, and their locations are kept secret.

To get help or information regarding domestic abuse, call:

Victim Advocate Office, 904-482-2347
State Chaplain Office, 904-315-7870
FLNG Family Assistance, 800-226-0360
Florida Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-500-1119


Please do your part to ensure the safety of our families.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida