East Florida Rangers Muster Roll 1783

The War of the American Revolution was over and Spain, as an ally of the victor, received control of Florida. Florida’s British Militia, the East Florida, later the King’s (Carolina) Rangers, were to be disbanded.

The list below is one of the last companies of British Militia in Florida when Spanish authorities reoccupied Florida in 1784. Some of those listed ultimately departed for other British colonies; some did not. The list if from official Spanish records; the names were entered in English.

“Don William Young, native of Pennsylvania, avails of Spanish protection to retire to the British Dominions. He has a wife and one son. He was first of the profession of planter but finally made himself chief of a company of men destined to preserve public tranquility for the breaking up of which he has, as yet, had no orders. This troop is composed of Don William, chief; the two Lieutenants, Samuel Gray and William Lucas, two Sub-Lieutenants, Nathaniel Ashley and William Boquen, four Sergeants and forty privates. He has eleven slaves and four horses. His residence is the mouth of the inlet Julia Anton (Julington).”

A list of the men’s names belonging to Lt. Col. Young’s Troop, 6 August 1783:

William Young Colonel and Captain
Samuel Gray Lieutenant
William Lucas Lieutenant
William Bogan Ensign
William Ashley Sergeant and Ensign
Drury Fort Sergeant
John Young Sergeant
Hugh Brown Sergeant
Hartwell Penticost Richard Jinkins
John Crawford Nathaniel Hall
Wilson Williams Robert French
Robert Bolton Joseph Holman
Samuel Andrews William Drew
Jesse Prescott William Bishop
Ruf. Hutson William Tate
William Williams Phillip Proctor
Jon. Weaver James Clemmons
Jon. Campbell Ezekiel Smith
Jares Moore William Mitchell
Martin Sisley Elijah Bishop
Jacob Ebner Jeremiah Tate
Joseph McCormack Francis Sterling
Edward Proctor William Niblet
John McVay Thomas Goldsby
Andrew Fitch Solomon King
Hawkins Bryant Samuel Williams
John Scott Phillip Goodbread
Jos. Summerlin Michael Berry


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