Spotlight on the environmental office

Biodiesel team highlighted as DMA employees

Neal Newton (left), Meaghan Atkinson and Jessika Blersch in front of the BioPro190 which produces fuel for about 67 cents per gallon. They are employees of the Fla. Dept. of Military Affairs at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center. Courtesy photo

The Environmental Office of the Construction Facility Management Office was presented the 2010 third place National Guard Bureau, Environmental Security award in sustainability.  The biodiesel alternative fuel program, started under Meaghan Atkinson and Neal Newton, is in its second year.  Figuring in initial investment, the cost to produce the fuel was $2.77 per gallon the first year and about 68 cents per gallon for subsequent years.  Current cost of diesel is averaging $3.72 dollars per gallon.  Current savings; $1,542 per year – full potential savings; $14,500 per year if 4,800 gallons are generated and used.