Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Radio Address, February 13, 2013

Hi, I’m Governor Rick Scott.

My focus is on creating jobs and opportunities for Florida’s families. That is why in my Florida Families First budget I recently announced, we have taken steps to continue the progress we have made since 2010 – by focusing on jobs, education and a low cost of living.

Since December 2010, Florida has created nearly 200,000 private-sector jobs and our unemployment rate continues to drop. In 2013, we will continue to focus on doing what’s best for Florida’s families.

That is why my recommended budget includes more than $1 billion more for K-12 education funding – including a $2,500 pay raise for Florida’s teachers.

We will also work to eliminate the sales tax manufacturers pay when they buy equipment – that way they can invest in Florida and hire more Florida families.

I ask the Florida House and Senate to join me in putting Florida Families First during the upcoming legislative session.

To learn more about my recommended budget for 2013 that focuses on jobs and education, visit .

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