Holiday Message 2015

Florida Guard Family,

The holidays are a time for fellowship and giving thanks for our many blessings.  Take time to enjoy that fellowship and express thanks to those you work with.  A simple act or kind word, which may seem insignificant to you, can have a monumental impact on someone else.

Take care of your family, but also remember to reach out to your fellow Soldiers and Airmen. Reaffirm your commitment to those you serve with. The bond you all share started with a willingness to serve something greater than yourselves, and it should not be taken lightly. The holiday season presents a unique set of challenges, which can be overcome by sticking to our core values and looking out for each other.

The New Year is fast approaching, which presents a great opportunity to set new goals for yourself and your career. I for one, am excited to see the new levels of success I know will be achieved by the Florida National Guard. I appreciate the hard work and sacrifice made every day by the military and civilian members of our great organization. I am privileged to serve such an amazing force of outstanding Soldiers, Airmen and civilians.

To the men and women of the Florida National Guard family, Sophia and I wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and ask that you continue to keep our nation’s deployed service members and their families in your thoughts and prayers.


Michael A. Calhoun
Major General
Florida National Guard
The Adjutant General