Memorial Day 2016

Fellow Patriots –

Memorial Day is almost upon us, and I wanted to join you in commemorating our brothers- and sisters-in-arms who have given their last full measure in service to our nation. While Memorial Day has come to simply represent the “beginning of summer” for many Americans, I charge you all to pause during your festivities on Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock and honor their sacrifice. And if you know of any Gold Star families – the ones who live with Memorial Day every weekend of the year – please do something kind for them, or with them, so they rest assured that their sacrifices are also known and honored.

Please do not confuse my desire to remember our fallen with discouragement from celebrating the extended weekend. Quite the opposite -it is my sincere hope that we all appreciate the freedoms we’re afforded, and that we enjoy this holiday with our closest friends and families. But I implore you to practice good risk management. The first long weekend of the summer is known for causing more than its fair share of injuries…and your state, nation, and families need you to be healthy next week!

Thank you for stepping forward and serving…ALWAYS READY, ALWAYS THERE.


Michael A. Calhoun
Major General
Florida National Guard
The Adjutant General