Message from Governor Rick Scott

 Congratulations to Florida fourth-grade students who ranked as global leaders in reading according to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS). This exceptional score is great news for our education system and reiterates that fact that our state is moving in the right direction. Thanks to our hard working teachers and educators for helping our students succeed.

 We are also pleased that Tony Bennett was named as our new Commissioner on Education by the state board of education. We will work together to drive the College and Career FIRST Agenda forward in support of our students and teachers. We will also work together to ensure that our teacher evaluation system is fair and transparent, and gives school districts the flexibility they need to address local needs.

 Florida state employees have also been working hard to benefit Florida businesses and families. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Forensic Technologist Michael Schoonover of Orlando streamlined a system to speed up criminal investigations by linking fired cartridge cases with firearms. This new process has proven to expedite criminal investigations and has saved taxpayers more than $212,000 since its inception.

 Have a great weekend.

 Governor Rick Scott