Sequestration and Continuing Resolution Update – Feb 22, 2013

Since my last communication with you on 14 February, the Secretary of Defense notified Congress that nearly 800,000 civilians would be furloughed across DoD due to Sequestration.  Additionally, almost 46,000 temporary technicians and contractors would be released.  For the Florida National Guard, the furlough could impact around 900 of our military technicians and the termination could affect over 70 temporary military technicians.  Unless Congress delays or de-triggers Sequestration, it will take effect on Mar. 1, 2013, and will require across-the-board reductions to current year spending.  It is important for everyone to understand that Sequestration is a separate issue from the additional challenges we may potentially face if the Continuing Resolution expires later in March.  COL Hagaman disseminated information earlier today on this process, which would essentially shut down the federal government, and would impact our employees and our operations.

I can assure you that, if we have to implement sequestration furloughs, all affected employees will be provided at least 30 days’ notice prior to execution.  Unlike previous furloughs, it is not likely that lost pay will be reimbursed; however, most employee benefits will be protected.

The most likely option for furlough is one day per week for the last 22 weeks of the fiscal year (~25 April through September) for a total of 22 work days.  One day per week (eight hours) equals a 20 percent reduction in pay for each DoD civilian worker during the furlough period.  DoD will implement furlough “across the board,” and with very few exceptions.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides policy and oversight to the federal workforce.  All personnel should read the OPM “Guidance for Administrative Furloughs” to learn how furloughs impact pay and benefits:

The best scenario for all would be for Congress to pass a balanced deficit-reduction plan that averts – not just delays – sequestration.

If we must implement sequestration, we will do everything possible to ensure we can perform our core missions and take care of our employees and families.  We will continue to keep you updated as we get information.

Thank you for your service.

Emmett R. Titshaw Jr.
Major General
The Adjutant General of Florida


Florida National Guard Public Affairs Office – Phone: (904) 823-0166