Taking care of your ‘battle buddy’

Florida Guard Family,

Last week I discussed how over 75 Florida Guardsmen from several of our transportation and engineer units deployed across the Panhandle to access flooded areas and bring relief to those in need in their communities.  Serving our communities is “why” many of us chose to join the Florida National Guard, and is one of the most rewarding benefits of our service.

But before we as Soldiers and Airmen ever deployed to our first state or federal mission, one of the first things we learned at Basic Combat Training in the Army or Basic Military Training in the Air Force was about picking a battle buddy or wingman. This is the person who has “got your 6” or “got your back” both in training and in war. And the relationship of battle buddy doesn’t end with your time in service either.

Taking care of his battle buddy is exactly what Sgt. Jacob Thomas of the 1/153 Cav did this past week. SGT Thomas, no stranger to community service, is a regular blood donor, and last week he won a 2014 Kia Sol in a blood center promotion.  In a remarkable act of selflessness, SGT Thomas gave the vehicle to his friend and battle buddy, who is currently fighting leukemia.

Please take a moment to view the powerful video of this remarkable story: http://www.oneblood.org/media/Genre/Featured-Story/203210-inspirational-story.stml

I hope this inspires you, as it did me, to remember to take care of each other as we are “Always Ready–Always There” for our community.

Maj. Gen. Emmett Titshaw Jr.
Adjutant General of Florida