Thanksgiving 2016


Florida Guard Family,

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a day on which we traditionally reflect upon the blessings we enjoy as Americans, and we make extraordinary efforts to spend time with our friends and family.

It’s also a day we should pause and think about the men and women who volunteer to defend our way of life. As we give thanks for our blessings this week, I urge you to remember the personal sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans and the over 1,300 Florida National Guard Soldiers and Airmen currently deployed who are unable to celebrate with their loved ones.

I’m thankful for many things…..and truly thankful to be your Adjutant General. I’m proud of what you do every day for safeguarding our citizens and preserving our liberty. I am thankful for you!

Many of you will travel this week around the state and country. Please be safe while traveling…driving while tired is as dangerous as driving while texting or drinking.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael A. Calhoun
Major General, USA
The Adjutant General of Florida