World War I Decorations and Awards

As units, the formations of the Florida National Guard were never committed to battle during the First World War. However, most Florida Guardsmen were being sent as replacements to American divisions in the line. Further, many Florida Guardsmen had served on the Mexican Border, 1916-1917, and had been discharged from the Guard upon their return to the state. A large number of these men then enlisted in the Regular Army. Thus, although not with a Florida Guard formation when called to service, we would like to consider them as Guardsmen. Because of their experience, most were sent to the U.S. 1st or 2nd Divisions. The list below contains all Florida Guardsmen and former Guardsmen who were credited to the state. (Excluded are the large number of former Florida Guardsmen, primarily from the Panhandle counties, who enlisted in the Alabama National Guard. They served in the 167th Regiment, 42nd “Rainbow” Division.)

ALLISON, James R., PFC, Manatee: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
ALTMAN, Mal, 2nd Lieutenant, Wakulla: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
BEASLEY, Wendell Holmes, 2nd Lieutenant, Putnam: Gold War Service Chevron
BELL, Sammie J., PFC, Escambia: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
BLANDING, Albert H., Brigadier General, Polk: Distinguished Service Medal
BLOCK, Samuel Maurice, Corporal, Hillsborough: Distinguished Service Cross, Croix de Guerre (France)
BRADLEY, Lucian P., Wagone, Dade: Croix de Guerre (France)
BROWN, Perry, PFC, Dade: Silver Star, Cited for Bravery 2nd Division
BRYANT, John E., Sergeant, Bay: Cited for Bravery 2nd Infantry
CASSELLS, William H., Sergeant, Leon
COPELAND, Clarence E., 2nd Lieutenant, Pinellas: Cited for Meritorious Service
EDDINGS, Leonard, Sergeant, Hillsborough: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
EDMUNDS, Claude L., Sergeant, Duval: Silver Star
FREYERMUTH, Edward L., Sergeant, Manatee: Croix de Guerre (France)
GRIFFIN, James Burine, Lt. Colonel, St. Johns: Cited for Meritorious Service
HARRISON, Mellon Ol, Private, Millsville: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
HENDRY, Thurston, PFC, Hardee: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
HICKS, Tink, Private, Holmes: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
HOSE, Dewitt Spurgeon, 1st Lieutenant, Franklin: Silver Start
HUDSON, George L., Private, Hamilton: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
HYMAN, George, 1st Lieutenant (Chaplin), Seminole: Silver Star
JONES, Roger G., Sergeant, Duval: Silver Star
JONES, William Albert, Lt. Colonel, Duval: Silver Star
JONES, Willie J., PFC, Bradford: Cited for Bravery 1st Division (Killed in Action, 9 May 1918)
KELLER, Edward W., Private, St. Johns: Cited for Bravery
KING, Roswell, Captain, Duval: Croix de Guerre (France)
KOONCE, Claude L., Private, Coleman: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
LATHROP, Howard W., Private, Manatee: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
MACKAY, George L., Engineer, Marion: Croix de Guerre (France) (Died of Wounds, 17 April 1918)
MARKS, Willoughby Ryan, 1st Lieutenant, Franklin: Silver Star (Killed in Action, 14 October 1918)
MATHIS, George D., Private, Baker: cited for Bravery 1st Division
MCCALL, Pennywell F. Jr., 2nd Lieutenant, Hamilton: Silver Star
METTS, Frank W., PFC, Levy: Cited for Meritorious Service 5th Army Corps
MIDDBAUGH, Earl, C., PFC, Hillsborough: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
MITCHELL, John, Captain, Dade: Distinguished Service Cross, Croix de Guerre (France)
MORRIS, James Ward Jr., Captain, Hillsborough: Cited for Meritorious and Conspicuous Service
POST, Walter K., Engineer, Fuval: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
SEARS, Walter B., Corporal, Hamilton: Croix de Guerre (France)
SHARBER, Thomas W., Private, Bay: Croix de Guerre (France)
SHIVERS, Olin G., Major, Washington: Silver Star
SMITH, Angus James, 1st Lieutenant, Alachua: Military Cross (Great Britain)
SPENCER, Thomas C., Lt. Colonel, Gulf: Cited for Meritorious Service
SPERRY, William B., Sergeant Major, Palm Beach: Cited for Meritorious Service
STAFFORD, Guy M., PFC, Seminole: Cited for Bravery 1st Division
STEVENS, Ralph Erwin, Captain, Seminole: Silver Star
STEVENS, Walter, Sergeant, Hillsborough: Croix de Guerre (France)
STEWART, Kirby Pelot, 2nd Lieutenant, Manatee: Distinguished Service Cross (Killed in Action 8 October 1918)
SWANSON, Albin W., Corporal, Palm Beach: Cited for Bravery
TRESCA, Paul H., Corporal, Hamilton: Croix de Guerre (France)
TURCK, Raymond C., Colonel, Duval: Distinguished Service Medal, Croix de Guerre (France), Order of Academic Palms (France)
ULMER, Herman, Captain, Duval: Silver Star
VINSON, James, Sergeant, Walton: Silver Star
WHIDDEN, Myrle A., Sergeant, Polk: Croix de Guerre (France)
WILLIAMS, Frank Marion, Captain, Hillsborough: Distinguished Service Cross, Italian War Cross
WILSON, Celf L., Jr., Sergeant, Jackson: Silver Star
WINGATE, George H., Sergeant, Clay: Silver Star